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I’m was (am) taking a break from work. Not school work but 9-5 work. I’m not getting paid for it. It’s long overdue “prep” for work that normally would have been done 2 months ago but I make the stupid decision to take 3 classes. Anyhow, I’m following the news on Twitter and watching Temple and San Diego state in double OT. (Go Temple? Or do I care?) As I was saying I was taking a break by surfing for people blogging about their lives. Remember when people used to do that? I miss those days. It was called, “online journaling” Now people use Facebook and Twitter to tell everything in short bursts.

I did find a few. One made me stop. A high school senior did a heart felt post about Japan. I could tell it wasn’t forced. Yep, a high school senior can do what I cannot. I didn’t post about the earthquake and tsunami because I didn’t have an individual/unique thought about it. I thought what everyone else thought. What is the point of repeating what everyone else has said? I didn’t want to come up with some contrived entry just to post about it.

I don’t want to link to her blog because she may check her stats and find my blog. But you can cut and paste this if you want: http://mobilia (no space of course and it is currently on her front page) It won’t make you go WOW or anything. It just seems genuine and not “I have to at least mention (insert big news story) in my blog”.

I have to go back to “work”. San Diego won, by the way.

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