Everything is fine

FUCK. I was going to post a happy semi-pleasant entry but damn those people. I’m so glad I had a half of day today. More on that later.

Yesterday JNx (a church going Christian) said, “I hate her”. Yes, she was speaking about me. Nothing has changed. Nothing happened yesterday. She was just trying to annoy me…or she truly hates me and had to get it out while I was less than 5 feet from her. Whatever. It didn’t bother me. Hmmm, maybe that is what triggered them. What? Did they want me to cry or get angry?

Today my coworkers said, “If she wants to be invisible, I will treat her like she is invisible.” NOW they are talking about me in front of me. They are whispering so I would have to listen to hear. But I have good hearing. I can have music/talk radio on and still hear what they are saying. I have learned to ignore the whispers. And I can ignore most of the stuff they say out loud…now. I was horrible at it in the past. But now it’s like what difference does it make? I lose my job????

One more thing about this. They don’t seem to comprehend or care that when they all gang up on me, it is horrible. It is maybe 8 against one. (Thank god most of our peeps work at home). Who would think 8 against one is okay? I’m just ONE person. They are a group. A group of people ganging up on one? I hope they get over it. I swear nothing has changed. JNx just decided to announce her hatred. Oh and I think they agreed “I have issues”. I know they just didn’t figure that out. I did hear that whisper. How lame for adults to act like this.

But I have learned that adults don’t act mature just because they are adults. It took me years to get that.

I didn’t have a horrible day. George Mason won and I was at home, able to yell and jump around. However, at the car dealership/service they didn’t have the basketball game on. WTF!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if I am getting less shy or if I’m just crazy about March Madness. I was so pissed. I left my radio in my car so I’m thinking, “There is no way in hell, I’m going to sit here and not watch basketball” HELLO? So I asked the nice lady if I could turn the channel. (I can’t believe I did that….)

They have the remote locked away. (LOL) So I had to wait for the remote control keeper, to get off the phone. Then he had to turn the channel one by one. How weird is that? It took forever to get to CBS. I was starting to get embarrassed.

Maybe they didn’t have it on because they didn’t want their employees watching it as they walk through the waiting room. At the time I wasn’t thinking that. But they do tend to walk around a lot. By the way, there was no one else in the waiting room.

I do feel bad about asking now…because maybe management did not want the tournament on. WHY ELSE WOULD YOU NOT HAVE IT ON? You have a TV, you put college basketball. Hello?? It’s March. I was just shocked. If I had my radio with me, I would have walked and listened.

I’m never like this. I never ask for anything. I’m the “quiet girl”. I don’t know how to process this. I’m an introvert, this is what we do. 🙂
After my car part was put on, I wasted a bunch of gas. I never get to go to Taco Bell. lol. We don’t have a lot of them here. Or they just aren’t near where I live or work. It is sorta like Subways. I only noticed the Subway thing because my dad gave me a subway gift card. Yes I know about the recent Taco Bell story. Do I care? NOPE. All fast food is disgusting. But as long as it tastes good, I’ll occasionally eat it. I wanted something light and cheap.

There was this huge Taco Bell but I kept missing it. Eventually I got sick of driving around. I ended up going to Arbys but I didn’t know it was an Arby’s. I went through the drive-thru and she asked what I wanted to order. I said, “I’m new. Can I look at the menu?” Is that a common thing. Or is that a really weird thing to say considering it is Arbys? I have no idea. But I imagined her laughing at me for saying it. I ended up with just a chicken sandwich.

You still here? Isn’t this compelling stuff?
I randomly went to Kohls for the first time. OMG their stuff is sub par. Daisy Fuentes line??? I forgot she had one. (Her clothes were decent, btw but not for the price they wanted). The pricing wasn’t great. And the selection was horrible. I did find a pair of green pants for $16 but after looking at the cooking/bedding stuff, I was so disgusted and I just left. It is a place middle class people go to, to feel “thrifty”. Please. What a waste of time. I’m never going to a Kohls again. If you like Calvin Klein, Gucci, Chanel, go to Ross.

No offense to the middle class, I’m just trying to describe the prices.

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