Miss Invisible

::400 words erased cause I hate explaining myself::

So that’s that. I rarely talk sports in this blog but I love sports almost as much as music. I admit to losing interest if my team really sucks. I’m really loving the NBA right now. I’m not excited about March Madness this year. I usually consider that the sporting event of the year…yes better than the Superbowl. I’m more excited for the selection show this Sunday. I would like to see VCU get in even though I think they have NO chance whatsoever of getting selected. It would be nice if Virginia Tech got in but do they deserve it? They lost two games straight after beating Duke. argh.

I just don’t really care. I will watch it. I have to do a bracket to get myself interested. I’m sure my lack of interest is probably due to the ACC sucking. I follow the Big East but they just keep beating each other up. Georgetown starts off great then lose, lose, lose, win. In fact they lost today. Oops, spoiler! Sorry about that.

I may try blogging about sports more since I spend a lot of time watching it. It is a big part of my life. It started with the NBA in the late 80s (??) when Magic Johnson caught my eye. (Yep, I’m a life long Laker fan. Don’t get mad). I prefer listening/reading what others have to say.
I have homework to do. I can’t believe spring break isn’t right after mid-terms. Wouldn’t that be nice? Speaking of mid-terms I made an 88 on one and a 78 (ugh!) on the combined midterm. I don’t think I’ve ever made a 78 or lower on a midterm. I did take calculus so maybe I did and I’m just blocking that out. I love math (especially geometry) but calculus nearly killed me. Btw, how much of a joke is spring break? LOL. Even when I got my Bachelors and did the real college experience, I went NO WHERE for spring break. I was broke. I studied the whole time. /geek

I’m not freaking out over the 78 like I did when I first found out my grade. Now I know I have a B in all three classes so the 78 didn’t kill me. Well I’m going to try to keep the B or maybe I should aim higher and try for As.

I’ll blog more later. No more tweeting @ anyone. I will continue to text my tweets like I usually do and stay OFF twitter.

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