not reality, it’s actuality

I’m bummed. No water. No call backs. (Yes I did call the plumber back but I won’t again. If he doesn’t want to do it. I just need to know). Update somewhere in this entry. It wasn’t my water heater, it is the pipe. It is completely ruined. Apparently that is worse than having a broken water heater.

My cat is going to run out of water. 😦 Damn, I did rush into a store but I didn’t buy any water.

It sucks that this is happening and midterms are next week.

One good thing is that I don’t have to make up today. No one had today off so I got it. yay! It is rare for 8 hours to be out there. I guess people are saving time for spring/summer.
Since I was home I did get to watch Court TV Tru TV. If I had a DVR, I would probably record that when I’m at work. I hate when they show taped trials and have people comment on them. How fake is that? They already know the verdict. Get rid of the talking heads. Oh, that isn’t what I’m supposed to be blogging about.

While watching Tru TV, I saw a commercial for NovaSure. I want! I want! I don’t really have a heavy period so at first I dismissed it. Info about NovaSure from an unbiased site:

NovaSure is a minimally invasive procedure that many women turn to in place of a hysterectomy. During a procedure, electromagnetic energy is introduced to the uterus with a small wand, similar to what is used during an ultrasound. The energy breaks up the lining, causing it to shed. By reducing the amount of uterine lining, there is less bleeding and cramping each month.

Treatment is usually over in less than two minutes and women can return to their regular activities in a few days. Since the procedure is performed through the vaginal opening, there is no incision and no stitches.

…After healing, most women experience lighter periods, less cramping, and a decrease in PMS-related symptoms. More than 90 percent of women who have had the procedure are satisfied with the results. For women who have suffered for year from heavy cramping and bleeding, the NovaSure procedure is a welcome relief to their symptoms.

I am the person who would never, ever get unnecessary surgery. I am the person who would never be foolish enough to try something new. However, I’m desperate so bring it on. Just my luck. I would get my uterine lining removed and nothing else would change. This procedure is obviously not for women who plan to have kids. I have a feeling a doctor wouldn’t do this on a 20 year old because of course you will change your mind and want to have kids. I’m sure I could convince a doctor to do it to me. I’ll just say:

“I think sex is disgusting” “I hate people” etc. I’m sort of joking but um, I’m not having any kids in this body. That I know for sure. I’m going to read about other people’s experiences before I decide. I doubt I decide anything in the next 6 months. I’m not impulsive when it comes to new, scary procedures.
The warranty people just called me. It will cost me an extra $100 to get it done. At this point I don’t care. He will fix it Saturday morning. Don’t worry I will buy bottled water for my cat….
To end this uplifting entry I’m going to post the last of the rings I will be selling at my 2nd annual Mother’s Day flea market sale. I hope this isn’t all I will have but I’m still going to do it even if this is all I have. I want to have things other than jewelry.

love these. so fun!

already posted these

Aren’t they lovely? I hope I have more to sell but if not…I’m willing to sit there all day with these.
I need to study & eat. I haven’t taken my medicine because I don’t want to drink anything else but I guess I will. I’m way off schedule with the Wellbutrin. I will probably skip that. Argh, I hate skipping new meds.

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