I started Wellbutrin XL today. I had a weird day so I can’t tell if I had any immediate effect like some people do. Besides I took it at noon instead of in the morning like I’m supposed to. I also crush the pill. You are not supposed to do that. But I’m not into swallowing pills.

I had the day off today. I was gone all day so nothing around the house got done. I took my car to the dealer to get the works. It cost me $200. Only one thing was found wrong. Interesting, Firestone found numerous things wrong. Expensive things. I have an extended warranty so the part I need will be ‘free’. But I have to take my car back because they have to order the part. *groan* I guess it has been foolish and straight up dumb for me to not go to the dealership for the past two years. I just hate the hours, the place, the location etc.

If I go to Firestone I can divide the payment into 3 payments with NO INTEREST. (If everyone did that, I might have a few more cards…so I’m glad stores don’t do that). Firestone is just more convenient. I can walk there. The credit card thing. Etc. But how dumb. Fuck. I’m just thinking about how dumb the people at Firestone must think I am for going to them instead of the dealer. :/

It took forever. I read two chapters of my textbook. After waiting for two hours, I just walked to the mall. I got more exercise today than I did the past two weeks. It was 60 degrees. 🙂 And I had my music with me. I was sort of nervous about actually going into stores. I NEVER go into a store if I know I’m not going to buy anything. I knew I couldn’t buy anything. ($200 in car maintenance, hello?) I only went inside about 6 stores (!!) because I had my big and heavy textbook with me. I knew people’s perception of me would be different.

So from now on when I’m in a situation where a mall is the only option, I will have a book with me. Not having bags help too. Ideally I should not be offended when the workers give me “the look”. But it makes me feel guilty.

While walking aimlessly, I got free tickets to a comedy show tonight. I would have gone if I didn’t have to go to work tomorrow. The food is great. Not 5 star great but greasy food great. There is no way I’m going to a 10PM show and going to work tomorrow. I wonder why they have tickets to give away?? LOL. I’ve had their food but I’ve never gone to a show. I used to be really into comedy. I know this is considered lame but the whole making fun of people (especially appearances) is no longer funny to me.

I went to H&M, Crate & Barrel, Nordstrom, Macy’s (my fave!), LOFT and a few other stores. I am such a geek that I tweeted about H&M. The loud club music is there but not the teenagers acting like it was a club. And the merchandise was lackluster. They are going to expand soon. I don’t even know why they opened. Maybe I am expecting it to be too much like the NYC one. But for people who have heard the hype and then go to this one…may never go back. Why risk it?

I was tempted a lot. Nordstom was the worst. Of course I’m not going to spend $500 on the Burberry bag I’ve been looking at for over a year. *drool* I have enough discipline to know that no bag is worth over $100. But I did see a perfect bag for $35 in the junior section. That is dirt cheap when it comes to Nordstrom. I paid $45 for my current Kathy Van Zeeland bag. I’ve had it for over a year and it shows. It is torn on the inside and I can’t find anything in it because the sections are gone. So I could use a new bag. I usually buy one $45 bag a year. (That is splurging to me). I just kept thinking about the car bill and I slowly put the bag down.

Btw, Kathy’s bags are the best for people who want quality but don’t want to pay $200 for a bag. I get a lot of compliments on my current bag. It is rare and kinda loud.

Sample of Kathy’s bags:

kind of loud

Very cute but too small for me. I have to be able to fit my lunch and a regular size book before I even consider buying it.

What is this entry about? Nothing. 😉 I went to a bunch of stores and didn’t buy anything. And I walked a lot.

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