Something is wrong with me. I wish I was joking. šŸ™‚

I cannot focus on my school work. For some reason, this is the weekend I decided that I’m going to do my (annual?) mother’s day flea market sale. Why not profit off of a fake holiday?? And of course that is sooooooo much more interesting then doing school work. #$%&

I don’t know exactly what I’m selling. I know I want to do “handmade” gift baskets. But I don’t know what to put in them to make a profit yet. I will probably do a couple of perfume sets and maybe baskets full of candy? I’m just trying to keep everything under $10 – $12 since no one wants to pay much at a flea market. I’m not going crazy with that idea since it could be a money waster.

I am excited about the jewelry I’m selling. My concerns about that is the organization. I guess I should separate the costume jewelry from the real jewelry. One thing that is annoying but I completely understand is when people go on about how they are allergic to cheap jewelry. I guess I have to have an appropriate answer. Last time I told the woman, “All I know is that it is nickel free. Sterling silver”. Or whatever.

I have very sensitive skin. I can’t even wear stuff made for sensitive skin without breaking out so I get it. But that doesn’t stop me from still occasionally using the product or wearing the cheap jewelry. I know not to wear the jewelry every day.

Here is a sample of the cheap but FUN costume jewelry I will be selling:

How fun are those? C’mon! I might keep one for myself. I can easily make a profit selling these. They aren’t my favorite type of rings. But for now I’m focusing on something I can afford and make a decent profit on. These rings definitely aren’t for the people allergic to cheap jewelry and I will tell people that when asked.

I don’t know how much jewelry I will have but I will post pics of most of the jewelry. Is it better than me whining, right? šŸ˜‰

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