It is 4PM on NYE and I’m so tired but I’m always tired. I’m in a hotel room, 15 miles from where I live. I feel like I should be out doing something. It is 50 degrees outside after all. I didn’t even need a coat but I’ll probably stay in. I’m taking my mom out to eat tomorrow. That’s enough of an outing for a weekend. Heh. She wants to go out for dinner. I hope it isn’t crowded. I LOVE breakfast food so if it were up to me I’d go around 10AM. But it’s her choice.

I interrupt this journal break to speak about two things. I’ll start with the one thing that freaks me out the most: money. FUCK, I brought a 4G Wireless thingy for my laptop! School starts in a week. My dial-up connection was out. It’s not the ISP but the phone line. Verizon spent a couple of hours putting the phone line back up. Yep, it fell for no apparent reason (?) again. And it is still not working. Fine. I told them to come back next week. But I forgot that I’m on a phone schedule at work (even if I don’t actually get on the phone) so I can’t leave work to let him in. That means no internet in time for classes.

(Verizon 4G network zips, but all that data will cost you)

I didn’t want to give up dial-up. I used to say that I was the only person in America still using it but I’ve learned that one reason um, poorer nations have great Wi-fi is due to the call center jobs they have…Duh, that makes sense. So I was the only person on Earth with dial-up…Who knows what the Martians are using?

The worst thing about the 4G thing is…where do I begin? It is LIMITED. Why am I paying $60 a month for limited internet access? HUH? I only get 5GBs a month. Um, hello I grew up on the net. I was on the net when only geeks were on. I was on Prodigy and Compuserv. I know what a list-serv is. Do I seem like a person that would only use 5GBs a month???

With dial up, it took forever but it was cheap and I had NO LIMITS. So now I’m paying much more and I can do less. I’m not a genius but that doesn’t make sense to me. Wow, who knew dial-up was so good. I’m glad my mom has the regular wireless internet from Comcast. NO LIMITS… I was desperate. The worst thing is the cost. I had to pay $150 for the gadget. I get a $50 rebate so $100. Whatev. Then I have to pay two months up front in less than a week! That is a lot of money (to me). FUCK. Do you think I would have booked this hotel or done anything AT ALL this month if I knew I was going to buy this?? NO.

I refuse to believe I’m stuck with this. For now I kinda am. But it costs $175 to terminate the contract so once I’ve had it for a while, I can cancel it and get something better suited for me. I knew I should not have gone in that store. I knew it!

Oh, I was supposed to review it. I used it last night. It’s um fast…I guess. It isn’t fastest than regular Wi-Fi. I obviously don’t care about speed so that doesn’t mean much to me. I was cut knocked off twice (after about 2 straight hours on). Once I jumped up suddenly and bumped the computer. The other time I was doing nothing and got disconnected. So far that is a minor annoyance. As long as I can get back on if I’m doing something important like paying a bill, I’m fine. I’m monitoring my usage which will take time to get used to. I doubt school will require too much usage.

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE

I’m still thinking about dropping another class. Speaking of school, I still haven’t gotten my check from the class I paid for and dropped a week later. I’ll give them one more week. I think I’m going to just to OT out of the wazoo until it is gone. (Rumors say February-ish). I was being a little carefree because I was doing OT. Well guess what? ALL THAT IS GONE and then some. 😦

The second thing:

I have found the best organization book. Okay I’ve only read 2 other books on this subject because I haven’t had a HUGE clutter problem until recently – within the last 2-3 years. ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life RELAX! I’m not saying you have ADD. It doesn’t matter. This is the only book that says, “It is okay to clean in spurts when you feel like it”. I’m not an expert on organization books but I am a self help fiend. Most of those books frown down on when you FEEL LIKE IT. If you wait until you feel like it, you’re never going to do it. Um, no. I am a night person and that is when I get the urge to just start doing chores I normally hate.

Unfortunately that isn’t working for me. I have a day job. So doing anything at 11PM (when I have the most energy – LOL!) isn’t feasible. Anyhow, it is nice to read a book that doesn’t make you feel like a bad person because of how you are. If you are having issues with clutter and nothing else has worked maybe you should browse it the library or bookstore. Eventually I’ll post stuff I found helpful in the book.

BTW, I’m never staying in this hotel again. Maybe it is a NYE thing but I have never heard such a rowdy crowd. They slam their doors instead of just shutting it constantly and I dunno, maybe the walls are too thin? Never again. Sigh.

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