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I just want to cry myself to sleep but I’m not good at crying unless there is an immediate fear. Crying might feel soothing.

In summary (EDITED)

I might lose my job before the new year. I think there is less than a 50% chance but I’m not sure. I know there is no point in worrying or obsessing about it. I sound blasé about it because there is nothing I can do. What has been done has been done and there is nothing I can do so……

(Edited to add: I guess if the wrong coworker reads this they might get the wrong idea. I didn’t do anything illegal. Look all you want you won’t find anything. I just stood (not sat) at a place where I wasn’t supposed to for approximately 5 minutes. It was a thing of convenience. I had already left the area where I work for the night…I didn’t want to go back there to get the information I needed. I took a shortcut. That does sound vague and a little weird but if a coworker is reading this, I have to say what happened. They would know what I mean. And no this isn’t a “fireable” offense unless someone wants you gone).

I am feeling —– about not doing anymore OT. Dammit, I can’t get a job in retail like other people. Well actually I can but I will be let go the next day. HAHA…my ass. 😦 Of course not doing OT doesn’t mean anything if I actually lose my job.

I’m taking a brief respite from this blog.

I might cry now. I hope it’s nice where you are. (<–That lyric makes me wanna cry every time I hear it).


Oh & I saw Burlesque. Check out my 120 word review under “Tweet Tweet”. Going to the movies was better than going to work. I forced myself to do one or the other. I kept going back and forth and ended up choosing the movies. I saw previews of Black Swan and Country Strong.

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