If This Was A Movie

I really didn’t plan on typing a novel…

I’m going to drop at least one of my four classes. And I’m not going to see Burlesque. 😦 I don’t know which one sucks the most. It’s not like I want to take 4 classes. LOL. Since my car battery and me getting locked out cost me $300 in ONE week, dropping a class is probably a good idea. Too bad I brought the book for the 3 credit class. I want to drop that one but instead I may drop the 2 credit class since I don’t have the book.

Hopefully working OT will get me out of this financial mess. I hate debt. Hate it. If I can’t pay for it right then or quickly, I won’t buy it or do it. I made an exception for school because I really want to get certified ASAP. Not happening. Whatever. Next. Someone is going to be very happy that this class has an opening. I’m sure the wait list is very long.

So I’m dropping a class, eating more cheaply than usual, not going to see Burlesque…unless it is still in theaters in late December which is highly doubtful. There are too many Oscar releases coming out at that time for Burlesque to still be in any theater. Plus there are “Oscar” movies I want to see. I’ve only gone to the theater once this year. ONCE! Not due to lack of money. It was mainly due to lack of time on the weekends and the lack of decent movies. The best movies tend to come out in mid-December to January.

Two of my keys fell off my key chain. This was bound to happen one day. Since I’m a horrible person, this would happen when it was 20 degrees! It was 70 degrees the day before (but felt more like 50 since it wasn’t sunny). So I had no idea it was going to be so cold. No, I don’t check weather before I leave the house 90% of the time. I will sometimes check on Sunday for the week or if I know snow is coming. Anyhow, I almost didn’t wear my coat. I didn’t have gloves on because I can’t find my pair. (One of my hands is still tingling). And I had on cheap, thin ass dollar store panty hose. I was wearing a skirt!

I told myself that there were homeless people outside right at this moment. If they could bear it, I could bear it until 10AM. But then my manager called. I was freezing but I had cheap clothes on and had no idea it was only 20 degrees. My manager told me that. Then she said there was NO WAY I could stay out there for another 2 hours. I was already out there for an hour by then. I’m so easily influenced that I believed her.

She wanted me to go to a neighbor’s house! LOL. At 8AM? Okay, I wouldn’t even do that at noon but I would feel a little better about the idea. My next door neighbor is retired and might have been awake. But how would I know? Plus it would not have solved my problem. NO FREAKIN’ LOCKSMITH WANTED TO COME. I was paying their asses! Geez, it is your fucking job, morons. That pissed me off more than anything. What a way to make a person feel worthless.

She did convince me that I wanted to be warm. Heh. So this girl who never carries cash actually had enough cash on her to catch a cab! Did I mention that I NEVER carry cash??? I did later find out that some cab/taxi companies do take credit/debit cards but you will have to wait a loooooong time. This isn’t NYC. So I guess the cash was my only blessing. I went to my mom’s house. I have her key and that one stayed on the chain. (okay, another good thing). I warmed up and then found a bunch of locksmiths online. I read the reviews etc.

A cute guy actually came to my house. The cute part isn’t surprising. The fact that he came was. Heh. He charged me $150 ($4.00 off – I did say thank you). It would have been cheaper if I had cash but I never have that much cash. I only had $35 in cash to begin with and most of that went to the cab driver. He said he charged me so much because the door was metal and he had to drill. It was the screen door that I was locked out of. Now that metal security door is pointless….until I get a new lock for it.

He was middle eastern. I may or may not be mentioning his ethnicity for a reason. This isn’t an assumption. He took two personal calls on his iPhone (drool) while standing on my porch. I can’t tell you which language he was speaking. Arabic? Armenian? Farsi? I have no idea. I’m just glad he did his job. He was extremely nice which isn’t something I look for. I just want the job done. I do wonder if he had to charge me that much. How do I know? It would have been cheaper if it was my front door since that is made of out cheap crap. The name of the material escapes me – it is a regular cheap door from Lowe’s.

He gave me his card and told me he would fix my screen door for half price. (Suuure! – I wouldn’t even mention that if I called him again). If I had extra money and I was bored, I’d call him. Pay for play. Yummy. 🙂 I have his card on my refrigerator. Super smart! That will come in handy when I get locked out next time. I don’t know what else could happen. Actually I know a lot more could, I’m hoping it doesn’t. Geez. Too much $$ gone for one week. Damn.

Oh, and no phones for me since I missed my day. I did not go to work. There was no way I was going without knowing that my car key was safe in my house. I didn’t want to go anywhere but it was so cold. I really stopped thinking at one point. My coworkers don’t know what happened (unless they read this). One comment led me to believe they thought I didn’t go to work because I didn’t want to be on the phones?! *Smirk* 😉

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