Maybe miracles do happen. It cost me $65.00 but one problem has been solved. 🙂 I can get things but I have to PAY for everything. That is the major disadvantage of not having friends. Sure there are others but I run across that constantly.

People blame the victim* because it makes them feel better. How else can they explain why someone has a mental illness. (First they will deny the person has it then they will blame the person if they have it.) It makes them feel safe and as if life is “fair”.

*Using the word “victim” is the quickest way to make my point. dammit, I’m more than that. But yes I’m a casualty of SA among other things. Saying the V word makes people so uncomfortable but I don’t have time to break it down.

This has happened to me so many times. People with certain conditions know what I’m talking about. I think people are more compassionate about things they can SEE so the blaming doesn’t go on so much with those things.

It is all about them. I just wish I could stop getting annoyed by it. LOL. It is just so predictable and involves no deep thinking. The people at work have come up with so many reasons why I deserve to be trashed, gossiped, harassed. They have to comfort themselves somehow, right??? “Well she should do this…Well she shouldn’t have done that…If he had this…” It assuages their guilt.

Um, yeah whatever. Go to your buddies with their great lives and trash someone life who is worse. I don’t get that at all. But in order for them to feel as if everyone is getting what they deserve, they have to come up with that line of reasoning. Listen to a group of people trash someone. Eventually someone will try to justify it.

I bet they don’t think that way when they know someone has cancer. KNOW is the key word. If you seemed depressed and they don’t know why, they will blame you. It is your fault. You could have a life like theirs if only you ———–

I have to vent somewhere. I’ve been stuck in a room with a few people instead of at my cubicle. I’m also on my (hopefully) last day of PMS. I will be back to posting about flowers and rainbows…oh wait, I have take calls next week. Never mind.

I just want people to want to learn and be open minded. I’m a idealist.

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