Find The Beat Again

“I don’t like running into people who want to talk to me” – Kristen Stewart (actress) lol. WORD. 🙂

Oops, I forgot that I have to go to summer school this summer…if I ever want to finish. I just wish it were an easier class. The teachers don’t even try to modify the class in any way the class since it is crammed into 8 weeks. Hmm, it will be like taking statistics in 8 weeks. It could be worse…it could be like taking calculus. I love math but calculus almost killed me! The only other option is to take this class in Spring 2012 (ha!) since it isn’t offered in the fall. No thank you. I hope to be doing my internship by then.

Oh well. The good news is that I’m planning on registering for 4 classes tomorrow. But it is only 9 credits. Yayness! I still don’t know how much this is going to cost. I’m in denial. I hope I’m going to be pleasantly surprised tomorrow when I get my total. I just hope I remember to register! My mind is messed up more than usual since I’m in training at work. My schedule is very different…

Going to summer school won’t mess up any plans. I never do long vacations. I managed to go spend two days away for my John Mayer vacay during this past summer. The world didn’t end. I brought my books with me but didn’t open them once.

NYC, John Mayer and the beach. How can 2011 possibly measure up?

I was deep into my fantasy

Thinking you could possibly be the one for me

When you embarrassed me nationally

I never let on how much I hurt

I didn’t cry

I didn’t tell anyone

In reality it has taken me months to get over you

Now I can hear and see you every day

Without even thinking about how I exposed myself

I laugh at your silly jokes

And wonder how I ever could have fantasized

You are a great person

Just not a match for me

…but I wanted to make that decision

I’m glad I never really told you.

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