I just spent $8.00 on earrings!! I’m totally not freaking out. 🙂 I need to start writing down everything I spend. I go weeks/months without buying unnecessary stuff then I’ll go into I-have-to-have-this-mode. I want to believe I’m above materialism but I’m not. I saw earrings to die for and I ordered them!

I want them now! (of course) But they are coming from Korea. Yes the 8 bucks includes shipping. I didn’t go completely nuts. I will cherish them and wear them at least 2x a week.

Check out these earrings:
cameo earrings

measurement : approx 1.3 in x 0.85 in

stone: Blue crystals

materials : Antique Rhodium Plated

Nickel free / lead free

I hope no one asks who the woman is. LOL. She isn’t a Saint just a regular woman. This style of jewelry reminds me of Jane Eyre etc. I could have gotten the same ones with swarovski crystals around them for the same price but I love the vintage look.

No I’m not really freaking out over spending $ on a pair of earrings. I just hope I don’t go nuts. I’ve had my ears pierced since I was 18 (late bloomer) and I’m surprised my holes haven’t closed yet. I just want grown up earrings. I think it’s time. I’m glad I don’t have expensive taste. I don’t like diamonds or anything too out there. I will limit myself to 5 pair of adult earrings*. One down, 4 more pairs to go. I won’t spend over $20 a pair. And I won’t pay full price.

*grown up = not obviously fake (i.e plastic)

My cat won’t let e blog anymore so until next time….Oh yeah! One of my textbooks came. I’m picking it up from my mom’s house on Friday. Can’t wait to look it over. GEEK. School starts January 8…I think. Registration is in 3 weeks.

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