KSx we have a problem

I’m an easy person. Not in that way. I’m quiet. The #1 thing I hear is, “You are so quiet” or “I never even know you are here!” etc. So I’m confused about how my name gets in people’s mouth. I know social people gossip to bond. (Said without an ounce of snobbery – heh). But I get irate when I see it happening.

Coworkers do it ALL the time. Okay, whatever. But KSx is supposed to be the supervisor. Shouldn’t she have an ounce of professionalism? She’s new but she is finally doing all the duties. She’s nice unless you aren’t social. Well most people are like that to some extent. But most people have the ability to get over me or ignore me since I’m so quiet.

Not this witch. If I catch her talking about me ONE MORE TIME! AHHHHHHHHHHHH. That is all she does. In my next one on one with my manager IF her name comes up, I will say, “I don’t feel comfortable asking her anything because she blabs about it to all the other coworkers”. No I won’t use the word “blab”. Plus she talks loud…and in a southern accent (no snobbery – most people can’t understand me at all).

I caught her today after lunch talking about a private personal email I sent her. Work related, of course. It was just ONE question. She said to email her if we had any questions. Well apparently she meant, “Email with any questions unless you are ———-(me)”. What a witch.

I have to stop mediating on her. I know. But recently she has talked about my appearance and the email thing to anyone who will listen. She is the type that must be liked by everyone. I get that but if you have to gossip to do that, then you better watch your back. (not a threat…)

I will mention her unprofessional-ism, only if it comes up. Shit will hit the fan. However, I know she won’t get into any trouble so I feel like voicing my concern is okay. After all, it’s what they all do. “Of course people are going to talk about you”. Blah. What about professionalism? Ethics? Privacy? Sorry, supervisors have different standards.


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