say anthing

Sports shows drive me nuts sometimes. I know they have to fill the airwaves with something. But not well thought out questions like, “How is Brett Favre’s issue going to affect his playing tonight?” are lame. NO ONE KNOWS…except maybe Favre. Everyone reacts differently so asking other football players…ugh. Pointless talk. It could affect his play. It could not. How about that?

I always root against Favre. So go J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS! (or however they say it – heh)
I’m still hoping I don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome. I hope it is the way I’ve been sleeping for the past few months. The only thing that bothers me is that all the websites say you should go to the doctor ASAP. That could lesson the problem so of course I want to consider that but on the other hand, I want to make sure it isn’t due to my bad sleeping habits. So I’m going to give it 6 weeks before I make a decision unless it gets unbearable at work.

I can take a bus from San Antonio, TX (there is a SA in Mexico too) to Mexico City for under $300 (ROUNDTRIP!!). Too bad I live 1500 miles away from San Antonio. Heh. I will probably have to fly out to SA. I’m not a long bus ride person but I would take a bus from where I live to Mexico since it is no doubt cheaper than a plane ride. But I don’t think I have the time. As of right now I’m 100% focused on just visiting Mexico, not living there. I know I will love it. I love the history (well it is a sad history but you know what I mean) and the arts and crafts. I don’t think it is possible for me not to have a good time. But living there? There are too many towns and cities to consider from afar. I just want to travel around a ton before I think too much about moving.

I feel weird not mentioning the flooding going on in Mexico right now. Oaxaca (where I plan to stay on my first visit) got hit hard as well as Mexico City. Last I heard 9 people from Oaxaca died. I don’t know what to say. If you pray, please keep Mexico in your prayers, as well as Pakistan, the Chilean miners etc. etc.Yes I am aware there are things going on in America, Africa and all over as well.


When I feel intimidated by a person, I intellectually know that it is my “fault” or maybe “issue” is a better word. But than again, I’m intimidated by most people so…

I’m starting to resent certain people at work putting their issues 100% on me. 100%??? C’mon, how can that be? I help people when they come to my desk and ask me questions. Nicely. I’m not confident in all my answers so some of my answers are non-answers (“This is what I do but I’m not sure it is right”). But I am always pleasant one on one. So why it is my fault that they are scared to mention issues TO ME. Hello? You are scared of me. That isn’t my fault. That is your issue. So please stop saying, “You can’t talk to her”, when in fact people DO talk to me.

I even went up to Jx and said “Please tell me if I’m doing something wrong so I can learn”. This was months ago. How quickly they forget. And no Jx isn’t the one saying I’m not part of the team etc.

I just want them to realize that they have issues. It isn’t 100% me. I’m fine. LOL. They are projecting their crap all over me. And the gossip doesn’t help. Is it right to think that just because I’ve had issues with Dx* that everyone should stay clear? Obviously others don’t feel that way. They think on their own which is what I expect out of adults.

*Nothing major. She once raised her voice at me and I was on the verge of tears. But before that a lot of other crap happened. She knows she hasn’t been an angel when it comes to me. She claims she has changed, found god, whatever. I also have issues with letting past behavior go. I have a hard time believing Dx has completely changed. Yes she has changed some. But things I care about out, she hasn’t changed on so I’ve accept that we won’t ever be faux friendly.

I know the main issue: They refuse to admit that they are frightened. That can’t be it. They aren’t scared of a girl who never talks! IT MUST BE ME. I have no problem admitting that I am scared to talk to them (unless approached first….)

Anyhow, I refuse to take the blame for them being scared of me. I really don’t bite. They do (IMO – lol). So stop with your team crap. If my manager ever mentions it, I will say that I can’t help if some of them aren’t comfortable around me. I have proof of asking to be approached TWICE.

THEY HAVE ISSUES TOO. Don’t blame everything on me.

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