I donated my books to the library. Unfor…

I donated my books to the library. Unfortunately it didn’t make much of a dent. I added about 4-5 more books to this pile:

I hope they have another book drive soon.

I am reading Nothing to Declare: Memoirs of a Woman Traveling Alone by Mary Morris. She went to Mexico – to live – without ever having visited first. That’s my girl! 🙂 I don’t think I want to do that. She lived off of a writing grant in San Miguel. Btw, she did not live in the good parts of San Miguel. Mary lost electricity a lot and had an ant situation. I don’t know…I would want to visit various places first. I do admire her and her book is a page turner. I love escaping with it.

Some parts scare me. She describes what it takes.It leaves me thinking, “I’m not that”. I’m not going to let a book change my mind. I want to read everything.

I do think/know I have a life plan now. I am going to retire to somewhere in Central America. Yes that is a weird plan even to me. Where is the dream career/home? Oh and becoming a better person? blah blah.

I know this entry is “huh?” But I finally have an answer for “What do you want to do?” The answer is supposed to be job/family related. I want to travel/live in Central America. I’m not telling anyone.

I think knowing where I’m going is the end result. I can’t really retire until 30+ years. LOL! So I don’t really mean retire. I mean quit my American life. I won’t have a house, car, or job in the US.

This changes everything. I don’t have a dream job. I no longer have to look for one. It doesn’t exist for me. I’m not going to kill myself to find my dream house in the US.


In my quest to get to Central America, I know I will find a place to live, a job and enlightenment. There is so much more I want to say but I have to keep killing my spirit in the meantime.

ROFL, I just found the perfect house in Mexico City! Of course it isn’t in the area I wanted to live. Interesting. It costs about $5000 more than my house. And you get a 1980 truck (haha) with it. As if I would drive in Mexico. I know a ton of tourist do. It is actually smart to do that but it would take me forever to drive in a new country. It is in better shape than my house. It has a garage. It is also beachfront (not a requirement for me at all, btw). I could get a better house for the same money minus the beachfront. That’s my plan. Wish I could buy it now. It’s actually perfect for a single person or as a vacation home for a couple.

Everything from this point on is supposed to be aligned with my final quest.

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