if I were a boy

When I call customer service, I want ANSWERS. RESULTS. And uh, that is it. Nothing more. Shocking I know. I don’t want inane chit-chat…especially about the weather. So I would never do that to someone else. I’m results oriented and I think that will create more pressure on me. I will feel like I fail if I don’t get a result quickly or I have to do a callback. I don’t call customer service at the drop of a dime. I tend to wait until the last minute because it is the last thing I want to do. I try to resolve it first on the company’s website. Then I may research it through Google.

Also chit-chat wastes time. A customer service rep who has been on the job for a while can easily do the fake chit-chat and do whatever they have to do. Me won’t be able to do that. (Have I mentioned that I am NOT a customer service rep and have never been? read below).

I know what most people will think of the following: I hate when I’m in a store trying to check out and the cashier is holding up the line due to chatting. That used to me at CVS a lot. The same woman. I rarely go there now so I don’t know if she is still there. But I want to scream, “UM HELLO? SOME PEOPLE HAVE PLACES TO GO. I’M ON MY LUNCH BREAK. CHAT SOME OTHER TIME. THIS IS A CHECK OUT LINE!” That drives me nuts…especially when I’m in a time crunch.

It’s fine for guys to say stuff like this but a woman? Oh, what a bitch. LOL. Jim Rome complains about how the tellers at the bank chit chat about stupid ish. “How is your family?” “What are you doing this weekend?” WHO CARES. CASH THE DAMN CHECK. Of course some people email in about how it is part of their job but they do not treat everyone that way. Being friendly is one thing, asking questions is over the top. Fake. Stop wasting your breath. I know they are told to be friendly. They could lose their jobs if they aren’t. I don’t blame them. I blame the people with a ton of time on their hands and they want to be treated like royalty. PLEASE. Get over yourself. I try not to show my frustration…most of the time. But it really annoys me when the workers can see a long line yet they still insist on moving slow and chatting. URGH!!!

I hate when people complain about a cashier not being friendly. (Um, you wanna borrow a real problem?) Funny when I go into a store, I just want the cashier to ring my stuff up. I guess I’m weird. LOL.

So yes I will treat customers how I want to be treated when I’m not terrified. I will try my best to get you ANSWERS. RESULTS. That’s it. I can’t believe people want more. Damn extroverts. J/K. There are introverts who bitch about only getting results too.

People. :: Sigh::

I think I’m 50% female & 50% male. I used to be more stereotypical male but now I think it just depends on the issue. I very much live in a bachelor pad. I love my sports (except baseball – hate it). But I have changed a little over time. I got into fashion a few years ago. I loved Laguna Beach and the beginning of The Hills (pre Spedi). 🙂 I know that most females/people find those shows stupid but it is so girly that I have to include it. But I still don’t wear make up and I hate shopping. I won’t partake in gossip.

I bet I would have more female acquaintances if they (as a group) were more into sports. I really don’t have much in common with most of the women at work. I don’t have kids which is pretty much a deal breaker…because everyone likes to talk about their kids. I don’t cook (for now). I don’t or will ever have a SO. I refuse to participate in gossip but I wouldn’t just get up and leave abruptly or make a self-righteous speech. I schedule everything around the sports schedule…which isn’t that hard for me anyway. I do follow politics and the news closely but I don’t want to get into that with acquaintances.

If I weren’t afraid of men, I would definitely have male friends. I have much more in common with them overall.

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