PREmenstrual syndrome

Is anyone watching Joe Biden on The Rachel Maddow Show? How can progressives not get fired up? Sigh. Where are the progressives/liberals? I think they have joined the tea party movement. No really – I think they are so heartbroken that they will not get excited about politics for a long time. About 10 years or so. It’s sad really but it is their fault. If they had supported their man Howard Dean instead of John Kerry, things would be completely different. That is a perfect example of how to NOT let fear rule. When you let fear rule, you always lose. I should know…

I simply responded “okay” to my dad. As if it is okay you %$#%^.

I finally figured out what’s wrong with me. No, really! And I’m so excited. The only downside is trying to convince my Zoloft dispensing doctor of what is really right for me. I won’t see him again for another 3 months.

I have PMS. Who knew? LOL.And no not every woman has it. I didn’t until a couple of years ago. If I had a peer group (AKA friends), I would have known this sooner. If people didn’t abuse the words: Premenstrual syndrome,, then I would have probably known this sooner. But at least I know now.

The best website I’ve found on PMS is from Mayo Clinic. You have to keep clicking next to read all of the info.

For the past 3 years, I’ve been on Zoloft. I assumed that Zoloft was making me irritable. What else could it be, right? However, I had good results on Zoloft. But my doctor has lowered the dose (ARGH!), because I didn’t want to be so irritable. Well, it was PMS. I didn’t know that:

PMS occurs about 10 days BEFORE your period.

I always wondered why I wasn’t irritable or craving sweets during my period. During my period, my appetite is low to normal. But during PMS, keep sweets out of my eye sight. I know the name PREmenstrual syndrome should have been a clue. But 10 days before? Wow. I have all the symptoms. It has only affected my life (which is the REAL definition of PMS – thank you), for about 2-3 years.

I put it together this week because I was extremely irritable at work. The past two weeks have been “fine”. (As fine as work can be for me – lol). But on Monday, I was full “don’t fucking look at me” mode. I was trying to figure out what changed. Bottom line, I figured it out by noticing physical symptoms and eventually figuring out when I might get my period. If I weren’t going to the beach this weekend, I would have never tried to figure out when I was getting my period. (After beach but who knows?)

There’s another reason why I never put the two together. I don’t really keep up with my period! I’m never wondering if I’m pregnant etc.

There is no laboratory test or unique physical findings to verify the diagnosis of PMS. The three key features are:

• The woman’s chief complaint is one or more of the emotional symptoms associated with PMS (most typically irritability, tension, and/or unhappiness).
• Symptoms appear predictably during the luteal (premenstrual) phase, reduce or disappear predictably shortly before or during menstruation, and remain absent during the follicular (pre-ovulatory) phase of the menstrual cycle.
• The symptoms must be severe enough to disrupt or interfere with the woman’s everyday life.

BAM! PMS. Has a person ever been this happy to say, “I have PMS!” Trust me the happiness is already fading. What – you mean I’m going to have to deal with this for a while??? It’s not just going to go away if I stop the Zoloft? Huh?

To end this entry, here is how PMS manifests in me:

I was so irritable at the store today that when someone came into the aisle, I would leave. Nope, I don’t always do that. LOL. In fact, I was so irritable I left the checkout line without buying anything. I never do that.

I’m extremely sensitive to noise.

I just want to be left alone…which makes work so much harder. People irritate me the most. But my pets also get yelled at more. (Good thing I don’t have kids!). And THINGS even irritate me. You have my permission to call that crazy but it’s true.

I wish I could change my life around it but as long as I have to go to work around people, that isn’t realistic. But now that I know, I will never go to the store during this time or do anything that involves voluntarily being around people. Of course there are things I can’t help. And I’m not going to look 2 months in advance to see when I might have PMS. I’ve also been experiencing insomnia. But I thought this was due to my dad until I read this was a symptom of PMS.

I bet the day I left work crying was during PMS. Everything just make sense now. I would also say to my therapist. “For some reason I was extremely irritable last week.” I’ve said this to her on more than one occasion and NOT ONCE did she mention PMS. Screw the doctors, I have google. 😉 It is always a full week. Only two more days left during this work week. Ugh, Monday and Tuesday were the worse.

Gosh, I hope the symptoms don’t get worse. Since I’ve “only” been dealing with this for a few years, I’m worried. But there is no way to really know. This entry won’t be my last words on this..

3 thoughts on “PREmenstrual syndrome

    1. ha. I thought about that after I typed it. I do keep up with it sorta. I use a website that emails you 3 days before my cycle starts but I rarely check that email. I just sorta know when my cycle will start.

      1. Ah, good stuff. I usually recommend most of my girls to use My Monthly Cycle – the tools on there are pretty cool – especially good for those who want to conceive or avoid conception!

        Oddly enough, I just looked on the side of your tags and noticed Buddhism was one of them and you have quite a few entries on it! 😀

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