New York City photos

I’m done. No stories or long blog posts (for now). Here are the damn photos...well, only the anonymous ones.I have many more photos but I’m in a few and since this is supposed to be an anonymous blog, I’m not going to post them.

So eloquent.

central park, fashion window displays, wyclef jean, trump towers, hotel pics, random nyc

The pic below is one of my favorites:

bebe,fashion,window displays

So colorful. I could have spent hours finding the best window displays to take pics of. I want to be a fashion photographer! The mannequins stood perfectly still for me. Oh, we passed FIT  (Fashion Institute of Technology) I almost died. Are tourist allowed in there? They have a museum so I guess so.

One more. Wyclef Jean:

wyclef jean

This was a strange encounter because um, it was Kmart? No seriously. They had security everywhere. I didn’t know why at the time. I was under the impression it was Kmart’s security. They kept eyeballing me like a security guard would. I kept wondering, “why are they looking at me?” I wasn’t the only person there with a backpack. It’s New York. Everyone has bags! So I’m getting more and more annoyed…

Now I realize it was because I ended up the same places as his wife. She was following me. Hello? 😉 But everywhere I went on the second floor there she was! They even have a VIP elevator. lol. Who knew? And as we were waiting for the regular elevator, there she was with escorts getting off the special elevator. Wyclef never went upstairs. I would have noticed him instantly. At one point I even said out loud, “There is a celebrity here.”  I think I said that twice.  But I still don’t know why they kept glaring at me. I have one inch on his Wyclef’s wife. We could wear the same clothes. They weren’t filming her. What did they think I was going to do? I didn’t have a camera out at that time.

Anyhow, looking back I think they were taking kids from Haiti on a shopping spree. Wyclef’s assistant (or Kmart’s) had two big carts of toys. It looked liked a bunch of Barbies. Wyclef’s wife was talking to a little girl (from Haiti?) in French. She wanted a specific camcorder but they didn’t have that one in stock. I’m sure she got another cam. At that point, I was paying for my stuff and wanted out.

Then I go to the first floor and I saw cameras filming. I said, “I knew there was a celeb in here!” Then I had to find the person. And it was Wyclef Jean!! I took 3 pics and ran for the exit. He signed an autograph for at least one kid. The cameras were filming the whole time but he didn’t start talking to them until his wife came down. Yep, she was still following me. lol. The whole thing was just nuts. I’ve been stared at in stores by security guards but NEVER like that. I felt like I had criminal stamped on my forehead. haha

On one hand, I get it but on the other…I’m still wondering what they thought I was going to do. I figured she was someway connected to the celeb but she wasn’t Madonna (a Bethenny-ism) so I didn’t instantly recognize her. Plus she had a hat on covering her face. I still don’t get it…

Then off we went to the biggest Macy’s in the world (right?). I didn’t get to enjoy it. By that point I was soaked, it was cold and I had enough of walking and carrying bags. This was the last day and I’d already checked out of the hotel so I had to carry everything.


School starts next week and I still don’t have my books. Off to Amazon to finalize my order.

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