• could not get moving this morning
  • was late to my monthly counselor session
  • need more than monthly sessions
  • learned simple yoga pose in counseling
  • spent $120 to temporarily control wok environment – me being cynical could work for a few months. heh
  • finances messed up
  • was working on paying off discover card – that is delayed
  • can’t do anything
  • no appetite
  • counselor told me not to quit job. heh
  • wish i was going to nyc alone or not at all
  • how to fake being ‘happy’ while going to nyc -ugh
  • off tomorrow, better get ish done
  • paid for summer school, need used textbook
  • i’m dead spiritually, when is the physical going to happen? so impatient
  • welcome to my suxs. 😦

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