vegged out

Secret: I have a tiny crush on Rahm Emanuel. *shhhh*

Wow, leaving the house on a Sunday isn’t always bad. I did go to work. I was planning on being there for about 60-90 minutes. I was there longer and got much less done. Other people were there. EXTREMELY rare. I should’ve gone earlier. The fear creeps in. I didn’t let that ruin my time. I was more productive than I would have been at home. (one way to look @ it).

The coworker that used to order Avon from me asked me for a brochure for the first time since the 3 hour, stuck in my car, emotional breakdown incident. I thought it was over so….interesting.

So many firsts today. I went to Kroger and brought two cans of vegetables! I can’t eat coleslaw, macaroni salad etc. anymore. Ever since I was sick in late 09/early 10, I really have to watch what I eat. The ironic thing is eating too much frozen broccoli is what made me sick at that time. I knew I was eating a lot of broccoli but who can’t eat anything for 7 days after? I thought broccoli was healthy. Anyhow, now I’m eating string beans almost daily. French styled cut only. 😉 I’m going to move on to kale & maybe sweet peas.

I used to cook cabbage. I’ve been so anti-cooking…hence the bad processed foods. Maybe I have to cook. Not cooking is no longer an option. :/

I’m going to blog about my basket extravaganza later. It looks like there is a tiny hope for me and organization.

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