bidi bidi bom bom

Watching old Selena videos on OnDemand. I don’t have Comcast at home so this is a nice little treat. Selena was my role model growing up. I was OBSESSED. “Selena” was the second movie I ever saw in the theater. Amor Prohibido is my favorite video of hers. Turning back to basketball soon of course. It’s so weird because I was just listening to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom on my MP3 player.

Um, anyway. To the people at work: TOUCHE.

I’m a feeler. I am an INFP by the way. The one “personality” people hate. And it is because we always go on how we feel. And feelers are ??? bad people? Hmmm, Barack Obama and several others are feelers but I digress…We need all types to make the world go around. Can you imagine a world of feelers or thinkers. UGH!

How do I decide what to wear on any given day? First I consider what doesn’t need ironing. Then I consider what I FEEL like wearing. I do that with everything. What do I FEEL like watching? etc.

As a strong feeler (always scoring around 90%), I couldn’t imagine telling people how they are supposed to FEEL. After all it is their feelings. I cried for 3 hours in my car. When I cried at my desk (ld desk) only one person could see and that is only if she got up and looked directly in my face. Yes I cried last week at my desk (silently, of course). I was embarrassed. Even I admit it was stupid.

Something minor happened and I just felt, “there is no place in any workplace for me”. Okay, how would you feel if you had feelings? I kid. LOL. I felt extremely alienated. I usually can hold off those feelings but this was, O MY GOD. NOT AGAIN. I was mourning having to turn in a two-week notice because really the stress there is beyond what I can deal with. I can’t even breathe probably. I am going to work that. Thanks to Tolle convincing me. Well he sorta said that is the only way…which I already know but I. just. can’t. breathe. properly. at. work.

To summarize, I felt like it was the end. Those were my feelings. I admit that was an overreaction (But not the emotional breakdown – no way). What’s wrong with crying silently at my desk? Luckily I can cry that way. If I couldn’t I would follow the “don’t cry at work” rule and hide in the bathroom. 🙂

I’m a feeler. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I wish I didn’t. But telling a feeler, not to feel is well like telling a thinker to stop thinking rationally.


I do think rationally when alone. And for the record, I think strong thinkers xxTx are weird and should get in touch with their feelings if they can find them.

see how silly this is…?

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