Tolle is my shrink

I’m all screwed up and it isn’t completely do to the time change. I haven’t been watching the news. I don’t who Massa is. I know he works in DC…or used to but WTF………I didn’t watch one second of Chris Matthews or Rachel Maddow toda or Friday. I feel lost. I need to get to work early tomorrow so I can listen to NPR.

My furniture is coming Saturday. I still have a lot to do to prepare for that. I’m not working this Sat. I’m going to the library and looking for a flea market spot. I’ve never been to the indoor ones. I hope the first one is good enough and I won’t have to go to the second. My real concern is that both will suck. Not to go into detail right  now but I’m actually having a display this time. I already brought dirt cheap but cute spring themed stuff. purple and pink…

I’m listening to an awesome book by Eckhartt Tolle. I like how he says, “don’t TRY to get rid if the ego. It isn’t possible” I need to hear that. I’m always wondering, “how can you just lose/forget yourself?” How hard does that sound? Tolle words gives me hope. I need the book because I’m constantly wanting to jot down notes when I’m listening. The name of the book is “New Earth”. I’ll link to it later. I will definitely blog about this more…

Just felt like checking in since I actually wrote in my paper journal for the first time in a month. I also painted my nails blue. Multi-taking. I have to do a major to do list. Lots of things to do tomorrow…including phone calls for myself & work.

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