self-proclaimed thrift queen

I hung up all my visible clean clothes. But I still have other clean (fresh from the washer) clothes to hang up. The problem with cleaning is:

I hate it. It never ends. You clean a room (kitchen, bathroom) and it gets messy again. Cleaning is boring.

For some reason organization feels like something I can do. I like throwing stuff away. In fact sometimes I will throw away anything over a year old without even going through it. I love that. But I’m never going to be clean…not if I have to do it. One day I will hire a housekeeper but I’m not a clean freak so once a month is all I would do. (I have hired housekeepers for one time cleanings. That’s so worth it. I haven’t done it since I’ve moved here almost 3 years ago.)

How about this? I will throw more stuff away while snowed in (grr) this weekend. Three weeks ago, I threw away 5 big hefty bags! go me. 🙂


I went thrifting yesterday. I brought 11 pieces of clothing for $44. Normally I could get 11 pieces for under $25…but I went to The Goodwill. Their stuff always costs more, probably because they are a charitable organization. They help people with disabilities…which is a cause I 100% support.  The one I used to visit had hideous clothes with  ‘high’ prices so I never shopped there for clothes. I’d buy books from there. However, this Goodwill was filled with  high quality clothing. Name brand. I know branded clothes aren’t everything. I saw a ton of skimpy Bebe tops which made me smile after my last Bebe  experience.

Anyhow, it is nice to buy for a cause. I used to shop at a LGBT thrift shop but they are either closed or there isn’t parking. I can’t remember what happened. lol.

I digress…I went there to get some pants for a yoga class*. I found some Reebok sweats and green velour pants. I vow to only wear them to the gym or any exercise class. I have a bad habit of sleeping in comfortable pants. I also brought some Gap peace cargo pants. Yes they have peace & love written on them. IOW, they are hippie pants. I never find anything @ The Gap store but I do have a few Gap pieces from thrift stores.

The rest was mostly spring/summer tops from The Limited, Ann Taylor (Loft) and Express. Nothing expensive, just normal clothes most people pay full price for but I refuse. 😉 I’m too lazy to take/upload pics but I’m in love with my fuchsia (hippie-ish) Express top. I’m wearing that on Monday if I get around to hand washing it. Yes, I’m a lil’ bit hippie. Can you tell?

The key to the Goodwill is to only visit ones in business or upper middle class neighborhoods. I guess that is where they drop off their clothing. Thanks!


*The yoga class. Everything is so complicated. The one place I want to go to is $15 per class which is normal I think. The problem is they don’t have many beginners’ classes. The few they’ve had, has been canceled probably because they can’t find enough new people. That is shocking to me. Can’t find new people to do yoga?? Weird. There is a yoga class @ work. It isn’t free. I have to get a note from my doctor to go to that class…or ANY class. Guess what? I don’t have a doctor (no, I’m not bringing in a form from the shrink I see 4-6 times a year).

I’m doing yoga or going to the Zen group. I’ve got to do one. The zen Buddhist group is scary because most of their evening classes involves discussion (of a book etc.) after the meditation.  Well, I don’t want that. Do I get up at 5Am on Thursdays to take the early class? Surely they don’t expect people to speak that early in the morning. I should consider it….

I have a feeling I will do yoga before zen. I’m less intimidated by yoga.

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