don’t be nice to me

I posted most of the following from my “frustration journal”. I mostly post there by email from work. If I didn’t I would go insane. Now that wordpress has the email feature, I could email to this blog but I’m obsessed with tags…and I really don’t want to “junk” this journal up with multiple posts in one day. That only happens when I’m really ticked off. 🙂

Just wanted to set the scene. Typed from work 4 hours ago:

6:01 PM

so I’m still at work and not getting paid. I know salaried people do this all the time. I do feel bad for them sometimes especially in an economy like this. They probably add at least 10-20 hours due to layoffs. But they do get perks: (maybe higher pay, more vacation time and big bonuses). If I were salaried, I would be the person working 70 hours while the average was 55 hours. 10% to fill a void and 90% because I feel inadequate. How else can I keep a job if I don’t work 10x harder?

anyway, I’m only here because it is supposed to snow tonight and I may not be able to do more free work, um, I mean research tomorrow. I really hope it doesn’t snow. I want to go to The Container Store…I could probably go tonight but I don’t know when the snow will start. But driving on new snow isn’t a big deal. (edit: Just found out the nearest Container Store is 3 hours away and  they don’t have the big glass containers I wanted.)

In fact, I shouldn’t be typing this but I had to take a break. I’ve been here for since 8AM and I’m not done. I just had to get a little something off my chest:

I really can’t say what it is (lol) here or in my main journal. Let me just say that I can’t take people being nice to me even if they have ulterior motives (how paranoid!). I can’t take it. This is why people who are used to being abused/treated poorly keep going back for more. Once you are used to something, well it is comfortable b/c it is what you know.

well back to work. It better not be snowing now. I’m trying to leave by 6:30.

I ended up leaving at 7pm. No snow. So many surprises happened @ work today. Just when I was talking about ‘staying the same’, everything is changing. I will blog about it later. My cat wants me off the computer.

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