starting over

My new life starts tomorrow…yes on a Friday unfortunately.

I’m not telling anyone what I’m doing. Example: Avon. I have gotten negative reactions when they don’t even know why I started w/Avon. Well Avon is leading me in other directions and I’ve learned my lesson.


I should know that by now.
Do your thing (whatever that is).

Don’t feed off of negativity. Don’t spread it, dwell in it or live iit.

If I can find my purpose, anyone can.

Tony Robbins, who

30 rock was so funny tonight. I haven’t seen all the episodes or even half but this one was definitely the best ep. It hit all cylinders. I only tune in once every 3 weeks because Alec Baldwin is on the show.

I’m too tired to go save the world right now so bye. 🙂

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