Doesn’t Mean Anything

*groan* (is she ever happy?) I forgot what it is like to be cold in this house. It slows me down so much in the morning. All I can think is, “I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m cold. I’m tired. Oh, crap do I have to iron? I’m cold. I’m cold. Where are my clean socks? (Kitty), leave me alone! Can’t you see I’m trying to get dress? I’m cold. I’m cold. Ugh, now I have to fix coffee, should have set that up last night. I’m so tired. I’m cold. I’m cold. I wish I could watch more of Morning Joe but I have to go.”

And during most of this I’m standing still because I’m cold or overwhelmed.
I wanted to comment on the Rush Limbaugh thing before I didn’t care anymore. First, the NFL is probably the most conservative sport in America. All but one team give most of their money to the republican party during the past year. The owners and coaches for the most part are conservative (some exceptions, I’m sure). My point is what every rational person knows: Limbaugh is too controversial to be part of a NFL team I’m not thinking of his past statements but what he WILL say in the future including more of “I hope Obama fails” and way more polarizing things than that.

Who would want to work for a team, where everyday writers will be asking you about what Rush said? He spouts controversial BS everyday. That is why he is #1. But to have that as a part of daily life? NO ONE wants that. I bet the ppl who turn him down are conservative and some may listen to his show.

I don’t have a problem with Rush trying to buy a part of a team* but the NFL ownership is private. He doesn’t have a right to be given a fair chance. Other rich people have been turned down too. And he knows this. He may have lied said some outlandish things but he isn’t stupid. No one should be crying over Rush not being able to be a minority owner of the Rams. Please. I’m so sorry he is so rich and can have anything he wants…except part of the Rams. He should try the Miami Dolphins. They are all about diversity.

*On the other hand, I’m glad he doesn’t own a part of my favorite team. 😉 I don’t spend $$ on the NFL. I just watch the games and Rush is already rich so what difference does it make?? If you want pure comedy listen to the callers calling in to Rush about the NFL.

OMG111!!!!!!!!! Rush can’t buy into the NFL, what is the world coming to. “I hate what they are doing to you.” Sometimes I feel like Rush is holding back laughter doing these “poor you” calls. Seriously people, get a grip. I’m not the only one laughing.

As far as liberals go. WE have abandoned Jesse Jackson and that jackass Al Sharpton years ago. They don’t speak for rational people. It’s sad that two smart men would shame african americans just to self promote. I strongly dislike both. I wish Obama (it has to be a black/mixed race person) would tell AL how much he is hurting things. Obama and Jesse don’t speak for a reason. In fact he probably wouldn’t um, ‘bother’ himself with Sharpton.

It bugs me when people let Shapton bully them. Who is he? A f*&^ joke. And you are going to bow down to him??? COWARDS. Even though I am disgusted by what Don Imus had to say about the Rutgers women basketball team, I hated that Sharpton had any part in that.

My main problem withe Al Sharpton is that he took money from the REPUBLICAN PARTY to stay in the democratic race. scrum of the freakin earth. Yes, I’m holding back. Want to read about it? Check out MSNBC’s article: Inside Al Sharpton’s campaign. He is dead to me. DEAD.

Since the Reverend Al Sharpton has entered the primary season headlines from New York City papers have been nothing but troubling. Connections to Republican operative Roger Stone and questionable campaign finances have led to investigative reports by the New York Times and the Village Voice. To top off the bad press former Campaign Manager Frank Watkins spoke with the Voice in a “wide-raging interview” published today. In the interview Watkins describes why he left the campaign, the Stone connection, and some questionable actions surrounding current Campaign Manager Charles Halloran and his staff.

…holding back

These Sharpton/Jackson comments don’t reflect my feelings on the NAACP. I hate when people intertwine those two fools with the NAACP.

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