A truthful heart

killing millions of people is indeed on a different scale from what most of us have done in this lifetime; however, just as when you work on a small scale you spend 24 hours on that scale, so when you work on a big scale you still have the same 24 hours, but you’ve got all sorts of people under you. You say, ‘go to such and such region and kill a hundred thousand people,’ rather than just telling someone to go to hell. by reflecting this way, you can begin to get glimpses of how even hated persons are similar to yourself in wanting happiness and not wanting suffering but often engage in counterproductive techniques to accomplish these, your mind will loosen, relax, and free itself from single pointed hatred

-Jeffrey Hopkins

A Truthful Heart by Jeffrey Hopkins is one of the best Buddhism based books I’ve read. Or maybe it is finding me at the right time (as books, music & movies often do). This book breaks it down. Anyone could get this. It has even made me think about rebirth. I already believed in it but I never seriously pondered it.

Anyhow, the book isn’t about rebirth/reincarnation. It is about not having enemies or even neutral people in your life. I’ve been trying to do some of the meditations based on this book. But I don’t have any friends. That statement isn’t “woe is me”. How I feel about people has been well documented. 🙂 So I’m reading this book and can’t even ‘open my heart’ because I don’t see people as friends or even potential friends.

Another stopping point in my life. I want to work on (in order):

-letting go of all judgments

…and I thought I had a 4th one but I’m too tired to try to remember it. heh. Anyone in the social world aka everyone would say I need friends. blah, blah. They are probably right. I just don’t want to invest in that. I suck at it. Most people enjoy social crap so they aren’t actually WORKING. They are just being.

to be continued

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