What scares me

People…but that’s an everyday thing.

What scares me more than failing at selling Avon is ‘what will I do if Avon doesn’t work?’. Avon has become my life outside of work. I LOVE IT. It so exciting to have a new hobby. Nothing enjoyable has overtaken my life this much. (not including passive things like watching sports).

So if a lot of people are at the flea market and my stuff doesn’t sell, what do I do? Not give up. There is more than one flea market so giving up after one day would be foolish. I am worried about the # of people ) because last time I went, the # of buyers was lower than I’d ever seen (2 years ago).

I will probably have about 100-150 items (mostly lotion, skincare and jewelry). Some repeats but since I don’t know what people are willing to buy and for how much, I went for variety. I’m definitely going to only buy in the future things that sell.

I’m not too concerned with selling the inventory, I know I can find someone, somewhere to buy this stuff. Avon will take anything back in 30 days (yes used too) so the only thing I may send back is some makeup. I really wrestled with how much makeup to buy. I don’t know much about it. It doesn’t interest me. And I don’t know what colors are in. I was buying redish lipstick but then I noticed that a lot of people are wearing nudes, light pink and brown. ugh! I don’t even know how to apply lipstick! I will be wearing my SPF liquid foundation since I’m going to be in the sun for hours. More on that later…I’ll just say there is no way in hell I would wear that everyday!

What is so fun about Avon? Besides picking my own little store, I love that we get to see and buy the new products at a discount. I love putting goody bags together (brochures, samples, order forms etc.) That’s not it. I just love it. I’ve always wanted to have my own business. And this is something that could work for me. Thank God I love selling at flea markets. Last winter wasn’t too cold so maybe I can go into the 1st week of November selling. I plan on going to school regardless in January. So this money will go into a remodeling/stuff that I need to do savings fund.

I also love looking at remodeling books and shows but I get frustrated because of the cost so that is not a fun hobby…yet.

So if I lose Avon, do I lose my life? My joy? This has to work. This is what I’ve dreamed of. I will not give up easily…and I won’t keep going back to flea markets if people aren’t buying. I will probably be blogging about this a lot (when I’m not working 9-5 or Avon) because this is my life.

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