AI fans not shocked

Allen Iverson piston
Allen Iverson piston

I’ve been following Allen Iverson for about 12 years. Not as long as some (considering our home states are the same). He is a very emotional person. He hates showing it. The net is abuzzed with AI having tears in his eyes. Clearly these peeps aren’t admirers. Now that is shocking. Here is a link to the video. Will someone please upload it to you tube? I’m having problems viewing it on the DailyPress website. Hopefully someone already has. I searched last night and couldn’t find it.

I’m thinking about going to his charity event this year. It’s tomorrow! Carmello will be there among other stars. I love the Hampton Roads area. I was there in May and I already miss it. I have to find out about tickets prices, the time etc. I just know tickets are still available as of right now.

Even though I’m a fan of AI, I can also be objective. He claims he has changed again. ::sigh:: However, this time at least he admitted to having an ego in the past. (links below). I would like to see him in Miami not because he will get them to the eastern conference finals but at least they will make the playoffs. With Memphis, what are his chances to make the playoffs this upcoming season? Nil? And selfishly, if he plays for Memphis, I’ll never get to see him play on TV.

I still don’t know what he expects. Does he just want to play because he loves basketball? Or does he have to be a starter? Time will tell. I just hope he has a healthy 09/10 season.

Edited to add: He still wants to start. I get it but, I guess he isn’t interesting in just winning a championship. If he was, he would go to any team and come off the bench. Oh well. This is his life and if he doesn’t want to play unless he starts, that’s his decision.

Iverson speaks candidly about ‘most miserable’ season of his career

Q & A with AI

Allen Iverson shows his softer side, but he’s not finished
Iverson dismissed the notion of settling for limited playing time.

“Me playing 15 to 20 minutes a game? I might as well just stay home and play with my son for 15 or 20 minutes,” he said.

The idea of accepting a reserve’s role also irked Iverson.

“You earn it,” he said of a starting position. “I’ll go to (training) camp, and may the best man win. … I’m not losing that battle.”


“That would be like the perfect (career) ending,” Iverson said, “me and Coach Brown winning a championship together.”

The perfect ending Tuesday was Iverson describing his motivation for bankrolling scholarships and conducting a camp that includes sessions on gang awareness and character-building.

“I went through my ups and downs,” he said. “I know how hard life is. … I felt it was time for me to come back home, and make my presence felt … time to show my face and give back.”

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