er fund

My eyes are going to be red/swollen tomorrow. This time it’s about the MJ memorial. I haven’t watch the whole thing and I don’t want to. Having his friends and family there, made it real. The past is the past. I was one of his ardent supporters and I guess I just felt let down when I realize some of the things were true. I’m not going into here. Read my latest (and hopefully last post) about MJ.

I have $281.00 in my emergency savings! $21 of it is interest. I know that is like nothing. My ER fund is supposed to be what I live off if I don’t have income. That won’t cover much but six months ago, I didn’t have an ER fund at all. Part of me wants my certification so bad that I hope I won’t be tempted to go into my ER fund for tuition. That’s why I don’t like checking the balance but I added $10 *gasp* today and they tell you the balance.

I wish I could go to San Francisco, Texas (San Antonio, Houston or Corpus Christi) or Italy. The people in Italy get how important balconies are. What is wrong with the US…or at least where I live? But I have school and house stuff to worry about it. I will travel but when?

I’m trying to get money issues straight. Confused.
I never got to blog about the issues at work. There are so many but the strangest thing is the


I swear to the universe! Um, no I don’t take Jesus Christ as my savior. I wasn’t even baptized (<–omen) but my sister was. The other girl said, "THEY believe but not like we do." OMG. WTF?

I don't know what they think I am and why do they care? Buddhist do not take Christ as their savior. All a person has to do is google "Buddhism". How hard is that? I want to learn more about lobbyists. I'm not going to read a book about it (I'm reading something far more interesting), I'm going to google and read a lot of different articles on lobbyists.

Anyway, they were definitely freaked out by the idea of me not believing in their god. WHY? I don't know. I mean where I live you are an assumed Christian. But to freak out? I thought where I live was a little bit more progressive than that. We have all these people from Philly and NY here. Influence these people a little. 🙂

I switched my quotes to two different quotes by famous Buddhist (one by Ajahn Chah). I turn the quotes around when I’m not there. And the print is really small. There is no mention of Buddha or religion. It is just ra ra quotes. You know "Let go"…I have these quotes because I need to get through the day! Don’t take away one of my harmless vices. People have inspirational quotes all over their cubes.

Geez, I guess I really freak people out. Sorry.

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