AI is not his hair?

This link describes how I and others feel. Of course we are being irrational. “What difference does it make?”

Iverson getting rid of his cornrows is just a reminder that the end is near. He is my favorite current NBA player. I don’t ever want him to retire. (okay a little irrational). I knew it was coming. I thought he would wait until the end of the season.

Carmello and Rip cutting their hair meant nothing. But AI started a culture in the NBA (that many people hated). However, many of us grew to love this misunderstood, rebel like, Virginia* native.

To conclude AI hair eulogy because it is past midnight, I just want to point out that his cornrows were more than just hair. It symbolized everything mentioned above.

*just wanted to give VA a shoutout

I’ve been watching the NBA seriously for 13-15 years. Keep that in mind while I list my top 3 favorite players of “all time”. In order:

1. Magic Johnson
2. Dennis Rodman (underrated, not taken seriously)
3. Allen Iverson
In memory of AI’s cornrows (1996-2009)



AIAI and Larry Brown


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